Rental cars in the Seychelles

Rental cars in the Seychelles:

A rental car on Mahé and Praslin will save you a lot of your precious holiday time! You won't need an international driving license, the paperwork is minimal.

You can rent cars on Mahé and Praslin. Usually it's small cars like Hyundais, but bigger cars are also available. Depending on how many days you rent them, they usually cost between 40 and 70 Euros per day, inclusive of the obligatory insurance with up to bis zu 1500 Euros excess.

BUT WAIT: we can offer car hires a lot cheaper and on Mahé with considerably reduced excess!

If you book on site, cars are usually a lot more expensive than when booking in advance with us. What's more, our long experience and excellent standing with local car hires will save you a lot of time and hassle.

We of Sitours have enormous experience with car hire. We only work with the best, friendliest and most trustworthy car hire people in the Seychelles who will give you the guaranteed best deal, combined with excellent quality and reliability. Trust our experience!


  • Well-maintained, often new or almost new cars. No old bangers with worn-down tires etc.
  • Non-bureaucratic delivery to the airport, the ferry jetty or your hotel.
  • Straightforward, fast and friendly help in case you should have problems. You're never on your own!
  • Simplest imaginable car return.
  • Mileage and insurance are already included in our guaranteed best prices! No hidden costs, no surprises.


Did you have unpleasant surprises regarding car hire in your last holidays in Greece or Spain? Put that behind you, we guarantee that there will be no such annoyances with us.

Our partners are more than accommodating towards our clients because they don't want to lose us, their best business partners. So you profit from that long-standing business relationship we have with them.

We get lots of feedback from our clients, commenting on the excellent service.

You will find our rental car price list for Mahé and Praslin by clicking on the link to the left.

Delivery and collection:

We recommend to have the cars delivered and collected at the airport or at the ferry jetty. However, most cars can be delivered anywhere. Please see below and price list for details.

In the Seychelles, cars are usually not rented out with a 24-hour rule but by day. That means, you return the car by 09:00 hrs. This rule applies for our cars on Mahé and on Praslin for vehicle group A. The exception to the rule are - on Praslin - the vecicles of group B: here the 24-hour rule applies.


Minimum rental period is 2 days. If you rent the car for 2 days only, delivery and collection are restricted to the airport or the ferry jetty.

If you rent the car for 3 days or more: Free delivery and collection at any point on Mahé, except the Ephelia Hotel. Ephelia Hotel: Minimum rental period is 5 days. Delivery and collection at the Ephelia Hotel costs 10 € one way. 1 FREE DAY FOR BOOKINGS OF 10 DAYS! (10=9, 20=18 etc.)

If you return the car by 09:00 hrs, that last day will not be charged.


Minimum rental period is 2 days. Free delivery and collection at any point on Praslin. Vehicle group A: If you return the car by 09:00 hrs, that last day (collection day) will not be charged. Vehicle group B: the 24-hour rule applies.

Price request / booking:

For car rental offers and bookings on Mahé please use our booking tool via this link: ONLINE BOOKING TOOL.

For car rental offers and bookings on Praslin / vehicle group A, please use our booking tool via this link: ONLINE BOOKING TOOL.

For car rental offers and bookings on Praslin / vehicle group B, please use our booking tool via this link: ONLINE BOOKING TOOL.

In case your chosen model isn't available any more, we will make an alternative offer. When using that booking tool, please don't forget to indicate your flight details and the names of the drivers in the relevant data fields.

Please let us know where and when exactly you wish to have the car delivered and returned (we will need your flight numbers and timings) as well as the name(s) of all driver(s).

There is a maximum of 2 drivers per car with no surcharge for the second driver. We ask for 2 years of driving experience. All drivers have to be minimum 22 years old.

General information:

In the Seychelles you drive on the left hand side. Most roads on Mahé and Praslin are tarred and - although often narrow and bumpy - in good condition. Please drive carefully however as the ditches next to the road are often deep and unmarked.

The maximum speed is 65 kms/h, in populated areas it's 40 kms/h.

You are required to wear seatbelts.

Kindly note that in the Seychelles cars are rented out on a day basis, not for 24 hours. Please return the car until 09:00 hrs the next day. If you return it later than 9 a.m., that day will be fully payable. Exception to this rule: On Praslin Island, to the Kia Picanto with automatic transmission and the Mini Moke, the 24-hours-rule will apply.

Delivery and return are possible anywhere on Mahe and Praslin.

For rentals of less than 4 consecutive days, a small delivery charge will be levied on Mahé. This charge is already included in the pricelist for Praslin.

Clients often ask us whether it's really necessary to rent a car in the Seychelles. There are public buses and taxis, after all. In principle that's right. But please take into consideration that buses only ply the main roads and the intervals are rather big, especially on weekends and in the evenings. Many routes are serviced only until 7 p.m. Plus, you will often have to change buses so a considerable amount of holiday time is spent waiting, finding out about the correct route and reaching your desired destination.

Some points of interest like famous Anse Lazio are not serviced by buses at all. Taxis are very expensive in the Seychelles. One taxi ride usually costs the same as a rental car for the whole day, or even more. So our recommendation is: do rent a car if you want to make the best out of your Seychelles holidays, unless you plan to remain on beaches like Beau Vallon on Mahe or Cote d'Or on Praslin for the whole length of your stay. To really explore an island, a rental car is a must.

Please do not park your car under a coconut tree. A coconut can cause considerable damage if it falls on the car. To avoid other unpleasant surprises, do not leave valuables in your car. Very seldom cars are being broken into if valuables can be seen from the outside.

By the way: You cannot take your car from Mahé to Praslin with you on a ferry.


The insurance is on basis CDW ("Collision Damage Waiver"). It minimizes our personal financial liability in case of an accident, loss or damage of the car. For Mahe we offer a reduced excess of only 500 € instead of the normal 1000 €, valid for the smaller i10 and i20 models. For Praslin it’s a maximum of 1200 € excess (in case of complete car damage). Exception: for the Kia Picanto with automatic transmission, the excess is 1500 €.

We do not offer cars without excess, but in case something should happen, our partners are very accommodating and they will not make a big fuss over a small scratch. Just be honest about it please.

The usual procedure:

When booking the rental car, you pay a small deposit. You will find details in the booking tool. The car will then reliably be delivered to your chosen delivery location (airport, ferry, hotel) where an employee will show and explain everything. Please show your driving license and your credit card. When you receive the keys, you will pay the remaining difference (the amount in our offer minus the paid deposit). Cash Euros, US$ or Seychelles Rupees are accepted. Credit cards are also accepted. On Praslin there is no surcharge for credit card payments, on Mahe there is a 3 % surcharge for credit card payments for Visa and Mastercard, 5 % for Amex.

Returning the car:

Often one of the employees will expect you at the agreed collection location (usually the airport, ferry jetty or the hotel parking lot). In case nobody awaits you, simply leave the car there, put the keys under the floormat or in the glove compartment, lock the car from the outside and that's it! Our rental car partners will unlock the car with the spare keys. We trust that you would report a possible damage as soon as it happened and so far we have never been disappointed (thank you!).


Usually you will take over the car with a minimum amount of fuel in the tank. You will also return the car with an almost empty tank. If there was a certain amount in the tank when you received the car, you return it with the same amount. Exceptions for Praslin: The cars, the Mini Moke and the Beach Buggy will be delivered and returned with a full tank.

Tip: Out of own experience, you won't use up a full tank in one week. So please do not put too much petrol in. A reasonable amount would probably be about 300 Rupees worth of petrol. This will currently (in 2017) buy you roughly 17 or 18 liters and you will soon get an idea of how much you will need for the rest of the rental period.

All petrol stations are serviced (no self-service) and everywhere petrol costs the same. On Mahe there are petrol stations at:

Victoria (capital city) 05:30 am – 11.00pm daily
Airport Service Station (opposite the airport) 06:00 am – 09:00 pm daily
Anse Royale (opposite Kaz Kreole Restaurant) 07:00 am – 07:00 pm daily
Bel Lazare Service Station 07:00 am – 07:00 pm daily
Beau Vallon Service Station 06:00 am – 09:00 pm daily

On Praslin there are two petrol stations: one in Baie St. Anne and one in Grande Anse.