Bird Island Lodge

Bird Island is a true masterpiece of nature, right at the edge of where the Seychelles bank drops to depths of more than 1500 meters. The island is home to a fantastic array of birds which may be watched and photographed from arm's length! Sea turtles lay their eggs on the white powdery beaches and the world's oldest land turtle ("Esmeralda", born in 1771!!!) happily roams the island.

During the south-east trade winds, is colonised by a million of sooty terns which lay their eggs on their own private square foot of territory. Please click here for an overview of nature's "schedule" on Bird Island.

Twenty-four comfortable bungalows (with free WiFi), a reputation for good cuisine and a convivial atmosphere complement great opportunities for snorkelling, deep-sea fishing and nature watching by excellence. Sunsets are spectacular here, as is the night sky, in the midst of the Indian Ocean!

Regularly, the extremely knowledgeable and kind nature guide Robby will conduct tours around the island, it's an excellent way of getting to know the island and to learn about things big or small on Bird.

We recommend staying on Bird Island for two nights at least, three or four nights is better. If you can afford it, stay even longer. It's a truly fantastic place!

Fly fishing:

Fishing from Bird Island is for the responsible angler, the person who is happy to bring his own gear and practice proper catch-and-release from the shores of Bird Island only. Please find details about fishing on Bird Island here.

Romantic weddings on Bird Island can easily be arranged. Please ask us for details.

A spectacular 30 minute flight takes you to Bird Island.

Flight times currently - subject to changes - are:
Depart Mahé at 11:05 hrs, depart Bird at 11:50 hrs.

(check-in is 1 hour before departure)

Helicopter flights can also be arranged on request, but they are costly.

Due to aircraft size, please note that guests are allowed 15 kg per person maximum.

Excess baggage may be accepted on the same flight depending on space availability or forwarded on the next available flight. There are secure left luggage facilities at the International Airport for locked luggage.

Please note: Gentlemen are requested to wear long trousers in the bar and restaurant after 7 p.m. Otherwise, Bird Island Lodge is a relaxed, informal establishment.

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